Tramin and Lake Kaltern

One-way ticket south to paradise, please!

Nestled amongst vineyards, the protected area of the reed belt with the ruins of Castle Leuchtenberg towering above Lake Kaltern is the destination of choice for countless holidaymakers yearning for rest and relaxation.
Take a deep breath in when you’re holidaying at Lake Kaltern in South Tyrol, the warmest bathing lake in the Alps, and you’ll smell the scents of the south floating in on a gentle breeze. In the early mornings, Lake Kaltern belongs to the water birds, frogs and other animals who have made the reed belt their home. Peace reigns all around; now and then, the surface of the water ripples in the morning mist. A few early-birds out for a dip swim a steady, silent lap. Even the dark green crowns of the Lake Garda cypresses interspersed with the vineyards and the orange aperitivo served lakeside in the evenings are reminiscent of a seascape, just like the windsurfers and sailors skimming over the smooth waters, making the most of the evening wind from Lake Garda. And behind the rolling hills of the wine trail surrounding Lake Kaltern stand the mighty Dolomite Mountains: An interplay of nature the likes of which can only be seen in the southern reaches of South Tyrol. Here, where the Dolce Vita of Italy meets the hard mountain life in South Tyrol. Here, in this corner of the earth, where not only languages and history, but entire cultures come together in a landscape of unique beauty.

Lake Kaltern is just three kilometres from Tramin via the South Tyrol wine trail on foot or by bike. Find out more about our Leisurely cycling tours around Lake Kaltern.

How long does it take to get to Lake Kaltern?
By car, it takes just a few minutes to get from Tramin to Lake Kaltern. There are plenty of parking spots around the lake. Public transport, however, is every bit as fast. You can access all timetables easily with the “Südtirol2go” – App, even when you’re out and about. And if you want to take the athletic route to Lake Kaltern, you can get there on foot in just two hours, or even less if you go by bike.

When can I swim in the lake?
From mid-May until the end of September, you can enjoy a swimming holiday at four public beaches around the lake. Alongside the Lido am See, Gretl am See, Seegarten und Klughammer, there are also a number of small wooden bridges near the Restaurant Lido, which are a wonderful spot to dive into the water. Lake Kaltern is also, incidentally, the warmest swimming lake in the Alps.

What can I see and do?
At Lake Kaltern, you can enjoy a dip in the warmest swimming lake in the Alps. You can lie back on the banks and enjoy the scenery, take pedal boat trips or enjoy a spot of windsurfing or sailing. And in between all the fun of the water, you can tuck in to the culinary delights of the region in a variety of restaurants around the lake. You can set off from here on tours to the Leuchtenburg, through the Frühlingstal valley to the l Montiggl Lakes, to the surrounding villages or simply to the southern banks of Lake Kaltern. Amongst the reed belt of the biotope, you will find a number of rare animals. And if you’d prefer to be out and about off-season around Lake Kaltern, you might be lucky enough to have blue skies overhead as you venture out on a pair of snowshoes or skate over the mirror-smooth ice.

What is there in the way of culture around the lake?
South Tyrol’s one and only lake stage welcomes a variety of well-known bands and artists every year, including Silbermond, Lena, Status Quo and Mark Forster.

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