Wine culture

Juice from the vine provides power for life

Good juice only comes to fruition from good ground.

Mountain vineyards as far as the eye can see: In the valley, on the slopes, on sunny hills. For centuries the vines have taken their juice from this sacred ground. They shape the picture of the landscape. But not only that. They also shape the people who live here: warm-hearted, approachable, relaxed, hard-working yet devoted to the beautiful things in life.

Unrelenting, the old wheel of giving and taking keeps turning: The scenery adds colour to the people and the favour is returned as a result. Because first class wine needs not only care, but also love. Year for year.

This connection, the inestimable and precious fusion of down to earth attitude and ease, of work and enjoyment, of growing and passing, of Tyrolean food and Italian cuisine, these all count amongst the characteristics that embody the South Tyrolean way of life. Rounded off by a first class glass of Gewürztraminer wine. Sure here it’s at home.

Tramin and wine

Wine growing is more than just agricultural production. It is a meaningful experience that is celebrated in equal measures by both producers and consumers of wine.

Wine pleasure
is there for all the senses.

A beautiful, polished glass, intensive colours and aromas, bouquets and odours – the wine appeals to lots of our senses. Already from the first signs of growth, it knows how to cast a spell on us. That begins with hikes through the gently rolling vineyards, which in the mild light of the southern sun spread inflorescences and ends during a joyful social get together with a powerful glass of red wine in the törggelen cellar, during törggelen – one of the other fascinating customs in South Tyrol.

South Tyrolean Wine Road


noble gold

The Gewürztraminer is Tramin’s special produce. Growing on the slopes in and around Tramin, its eponym, this aromatic wine has already begun its worldly triumphal march. The other vine varieties of the slopes in Tramin also convince through their body, range and lightness. Just one more reason to celebrate viniculture. As often and intensive as possible. That’s why in Tramin and along the South Tyrolean Wine Road there’s an event programme all about wine, which doesn’t come up short in terms of variety even when compared to the noble wines.

Accommodation Tramin - South Tyrol

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