Kastanien braten Törggelen

And off and away to the Törggelen

When wine culture’s got history.

Wine pleasures in its most original form awaits your when you visit the wine village of Tramin in autumn.Along the South Tyrolean Wine Road the grape harvest bears witness to an ancient yet youthfully fresh custom: the traditional Törggelen. Its origin goes all the way back to thanksgiving and tasting celebrations which the winegrowers once held upon completion of the wine harvest. And the name comes from the word “Torggl”, the wine press.

As was the case back then, today the “Nuie” newly pressed wine gets tasted during Törggelen.And to accompany it you get sturdy dishes like ribs, boiled bacon, cabbage Tirtlan. Sweet “Krapfen” and roasted chestnuts, tasty edible chestnuts from local growth as a dessert are a matter of course as is the fresh grape must.

Törggelen & hiking

An interesting combination. Try it!

Törggelen days in Tramin

The Törggelen time in Tramin gets rung in with the Autumn days at the end of September/start of October. For two full days the festival area reflects the wine harvest and harvest time. Wine tasting sessions and traditional South Tyrolean Törggelen specialities, in addition to a fantastic programme of events including folk dancing and folk music groups, during Törggelen you’ll get to know the South Tyrolean Wine road once more from its tastier side.

Hiking in the vineyards

From early spring until late autumn they exude an almost magical appeal: the vineyards in Tramin. Whether it’s the wine blossom or the wine harvest, the growing and changing of the vines follow a rhythm which hikers, nature lovers and anyone seeking peace can’t escape from. You can feel the fascination of the wine hike during the Wine Hiking Week.

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