At home throughout the world

And in reality the Gewürztraminer wine has taken hold worldwide.
Here in its eponymous hometown of Tramin it is an indisputable icon. And that’s how it gets treated too, this gold-yellow white wine, that should be so much.

Some call it a comforter, whilst others call it a meditational wine.
Amongst locals it is regarded as being the best wine for before lunch time, helping to improve appetite or alternatively as a dessert wine.

And when people speak about its characteristics,
then you’ll hear adjectives like fresh, fruity, modern, opulent, bright, exotic, passionate and spicy too. Almost as if it’s there to please everybody! But that’s not what it does. That wouldn’t be suitable for a diva.

Weinberge mit Gewürztraminer
The dry, fresh-fruity Gewürztraminer from Tramin are more popular than ever
and today are amongst the best worldwide!

The ground
is decisive.

The vintners are in unison on this. Every cellar master follows his own philosophy in how he treats the grapes and the wine, but they all agree on one thing, that it’s the ground that defines the character of the wine and dictates which grape varieties should be grown where. The ground which is covered in frost in the winter months and freezes, and then in spring begins to wake up again with the Mediterranean climate, influences the scenery in Bozen & environs.

The ground is good here in Tramin.

Characteristic properties
of Gewürztraminer

  • Full-bodied, aromatic white wine
  • Colour: bright to straw yellow
  • Smell: pronounced, typical of the variety
  • Taste: dry, light and spicy aroma
  • Shelf life: 2 to 3 years
  • Shelf life: 2 to 3 years; serving temperature: 11-13℃.

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