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South Tyrolean Wine Road

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The South Tyrolean Wine Road, in the most southerly tip of South Tyrol didn’t get its name just by pure coincidence. Extensive vineyards in the valley and on the slopes are constant accompaniments along this panoramic road. For centuries, the vines have taken their juice from this ground. About two thirds of all of South Tyrol’s wine production comes from this area.

The 16 communities along the South Tyrolean Wine Road Eppan, Kaltern, Tramin, Kurtatsch, Kurtinig, Margreid, Salurn, Auer, Neumarkt, Montan, Pfatten, Branzoll, Nals, Andrian, Terlan and Bozen have lots more to offer: historical buildings, manors and wineries, cosy market areas.

But the vines don’t only influence how the landscape looks, they also shape the people who live here. Warm-hearted, approachable, relaxed. A soft hint of the southern zest for life. Hard-working, yet devoted to the beautiful things in life. A glass of wine, a traditional afternoon snack in the deep cellar, a feast with friends. The traces of a comfortable race.

And the ancient wheel continues to turn incessantly: The delightful scenery adds colour and the favour is returned as a result. Because first class wine needs not only care, but also love. Year for year.

An irresistible challenge to travel to the Bozen & environs region.

Welcome to the South Tyrolean Wine Road!

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