Pleasure cycle tour

Would you like to experience something special, then come with us on a tour of discovery.

We start in front of the tourist office and cycle in the bottom of the valley towards Neumarkt and on around Lake Kaltern.

Accompanied by a local guide we stay primarily on roadways that have hardly been used. You can discover all kinds of interesting facts about the country and its people. The first stop will be at “Hirtenhof”, where we will listen to the words of farmer Marta who will introduce us to her agricultural products. At Lake Kaltern we stop to enjoy a cappuccino or some ice cream and enjoy the charming surroundings. And we cycle comfortably to Tramin. In the middle of the cultural landscape, a winegrower awaits us with his home-grown wines to linger and taste before we return to the starting point.

  • Dates: every Friday (from April to mid-November)
  • Start: 2 p.m., from October at 1 p.m.
  • Price: 12 euros per person, children under 14 years 6 euros winepass-logo
  • Services: Various tastings at the Hirtenhof, wine tasting from 2 different wine growers, still water and apple juice, accompanied by a local bike guide
  • Tour dates: approx. 4 hours, approx. 20 km, approx. 150 meters of difference in altitude
  • Registration: at the Tourist Office Tramin tel. +39 0471 860131, Whatsapp +39 348 7948080, info@tramin.com

Helmets are required during the tour.


Individual consumption at Lake Kaltern is not included. You have to bring your own bike.

Accompanied by a local guide we stay primarily on roadways that have hardly been used. We find out all sorts of things about the land and the people, taste some agricultural products and a wine grower invites us to taste his own wine.

Gourmet cycling tours in Tramin on the South Tyrol Wine Trail.

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