“Tramin” apple variety

Just like the Gewürztraminer wine, the “Tramin” apple variety has its roots in the Tramin holiday paradise to the south of Lake Kaltern. A lot of sun, the wide variance in temperature between day and night, and the good soils in the southern Etsch Valley result in a very special aroma.

The “Tramin” apple variety features a balanced sugar/acid ratio, is perfectly red and convinces with its long shelf life.

my-fruit stands for selected fruits, which is especially suitable for growth in your own garden. Guaranteed by three top businesses with more than 40 years of experience on both sides of the Alps.

Available in the Kaneppele Tree Nursery in Tramin and at Pflanzen Hofmann and the Heckmann Tree Nursery in Germany.

Apfel Tramin

Accommodation Tramin - South Tyrol

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