Federation and association in Tramin

Tramin’s federation and association introduce theirself

The Tramin citizen band today unites 60 female musicians and musicians


Men’s Choir Tramin. The Choir is directed since 2014 by Hartwig Amplatz and unites 26 singer. In the recent years it experienced considerable succedd (as appearances on ZDF, BR, SWR, ORF and RAI Sender Bozen)


Schuhplattler group Tramin, traditional folklore group which was re-established in 1975.


Schützenkompanie Tramin, the defense of the beloved fatherland, home, one’s own family has always been the ultimate goal of the Tyrolean Schützen.


Alpenverein Südtirol- section Tramin, together hiking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, experience nature and celebrate


Fire brigade Tramin


Egetmann Tramin, now boasting some 700 to 800 members, because everyone who takes part of the Egetmann parade is automatically a member of the association. The basic idea of the association is: “preservation and maintenance of living Tradition”.


Amateur Sports Association Tramin, including the following sections: Boccia, Football, Swimming, Ski Club, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, bowling.


Volkstanz Tramin, traditional dancing folk group



Other association:
Südtiroler Bauernjugend, Südtiroler Bäuerinnenorganisation, Verein Gewürztraminer, Sportschützengilde Tramin, Pfarrchor, Katholische Jungschar, Imkerverein, Katholische Frauenbewegung, Heimatbühne Tramin, Fischerverein, Jagdverein.

Accommodation Tramin - South Tyrol

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