Tramin and the Bletterbach Canyon

A time machine in the heart of the mountains

It’s well worth your while to stop off and simply enjoy the view over the Tramin vineyards and for off to the dazzling Aldein Weisshorn at any time of the year. But if you look behind the seemingly small mountain, you will find the immense tome of history which gave the Bletterbach its name.
The Bletterbach River can quickly rise from a small trickle to a raging torrent during a storm. For this reason and this reason alone, it has been able to carve out a 400 metre deep gorge through Alpine sediment and volcanic deposits over the 15,000 years that have passed since the last ice age. Today, if you walk the eight kilometres through the UNESCO World Heritage Bletterbach canyon, you feel like you’re walking through a time machine; trapped within brightly-coloured layers of rock, you can read the history from the walls alone as you walk by.

The boulders that shape this natural spectacle are up to 280 million years old, and time and again they have revealed fossils, dinosaur traces and imprints of parts of plants from days long gone, wordless teachers of the past.
If you take a guided tour of the exhibition in the visitors’ centre or a guided hike through the gorge, you can delve even deeper into history and make the shift from observer to visitor.

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