Schnappviech Egetmann Umzug

Tue 21.02.2023

The Egetmann parade

Tramin gone wild

Parade 2023

You can experience the Egetmann Parade 2023 on Shrove Tuesday, February 21 from 1 p.m.

  • Admission: € 10, children under 15 free.
  • Come early enough, unfortunately only 10,000 visitors can be admitted.
  • Please do not bring prams or dogs!


In Tramin one of the strangest and at the same time oldest (since 1591) carnival customs has been retained.

The wedding of John Egetmann – carnival parade. In the odd years on Pancake Tuesday this very special parade marches through the lanes of Tramin and attracts thousands of spectators from near and far, because the main figure – Egetmannhansl – who is a dummy with a black skirt, cylindrical hat and white gloves celebrates his wedding.

Egetmann’s wagon gets accompanied by numerous other wagons, groups, figures including snapping animals, rich and poor gypsies, farmers, fishermen, and many more.
The traditional wedding of John Egetmann carnival parade is organised by the elderly only every two years. During the even years, the parade gets organised by our young village folk. A wonderful highlight that you should under no circumstances miss out on.

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More Information:

Egetmann Verein
Günter Bologna
Weinstraße 32
39040 Tramin/Termeno

Tel.: +39 335 377148
E-Mail: egetmannverein@ymail.com

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