Schnappviech Egetmann Umzug

The Egetmann parade

Tramin gone wild

From snapping animals, black fishermen and other wedding guests.
As one of the oldest carnival evening customs in Tyrol, the Egetmann parade in Tramin is one of the most lively. Officially mentioned for the first time in 1591, the Egetmann parade has won itself a special place in the hearts of those from Tramin over the course of the last few decades. Inseparable are Egetmann Hansl and his wedding party, the snapping animals, the black fishermen and washer women, the “Altweibermühle” and all of the other figures and lovingly decorated wagons all connected with Tramin.

The Egetmann parade is primarily colourful, loud and full of martial cheerfulness. In all of its grandeur and variety of colours, this carnival tradition which is celebrated with lots of physical effort merges traditional elements of the Tyrolean custom with a timeless value: a sense of community. From the construction of the wagon, which begins straight after the Epiphany every uneven year and lasts more or less throughout the year to the sense of achievement once it has been completed, the Egetmann parade merges a majority of the village men – it is currently 800, into a solid celebratory unit.

It’s inadvisable for visitors to this special part of the Tramin cultural programme to be squeamish: And it’s not rare to find soot, dust and wood shavings which are part of the participants’ costumes, to come raining down on the parade guests. And that during all of the shenanigans you might get a clip across the ear, sure that goes without saying!

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