Haderburg – a mystical site and place of power

Haderburg is perched high on rocky peaks above Salorno/Salurn and almost appears fused with its craggy foundations. It is difficult to discern in its lookout post at a dizzying height, but once your eyes do make it out, you immediately sense its powerful attraction.

Legendary fortress
Many legends have sprung up about the 11th century fortress. Unfound treasures are believed to be waiting to be discovered in the rock fissures, and supernatural powers are believed to take shape here. It is said that the fortress is a special place of power that exudes a rejuvenating energy. However, this phenomenon cannot really be explained, you can only to feel it. The fact is that Haderburg would tell many stories if it could only speak. At a key strategic location at the Salurner Klause, the name of this narrow valley section on one of the main routes across the Alps, it has survived turbulent times and the chaos of several wars, and its walls doubtlessly hide a secret or two.

Starting from Salorno/Salurn, the castle ruins are an ideal destination for a summer excursion, just a 20-minute walk uphill from the town. Children and fans of the Middle Ages are sure to love it. The Burgschänke inn in the courtyard serves refreshments with a fantastic view. Medieval events and workshops such as courses on making bows & arrows and forging, and night-time tours with story-telling and aperitifs are also offered. See the homepage of the Haderburgschänke for the full programme: https://www.zum18tenfass.it/

The most important thing to know

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