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Tramin spirits

Grappa grape dregs spirit

Grape dregs are delivered to the distillery by wineries and cooperatives. Mainly red wine grape dregs are used, meaning those grape dregs, which have already fermented together with the wine, and therefore already contain alcohol and the full aroma of grapes. Grape dregs are either stored in granaries and covered by plastic foil with the exclusion of air, or are immediately used for distillation. Distillation occurs twice and continuously with an ancient method carried out in bain-marie stills, by first distilling the grape dregs into a raw spirit, which is then distilled into a fine spirit. Grappa matures after a storage duration of about 5 to 6 months. The best of South Tyrolean wine dregs are responsible for the delicious aroma of the Grappa.

Grappa Gewürztraminer

Grappa Gewürztraminer is a noble product, which can only be produced in low amounts due to the rarity of these wine dregs. Distilled from uncrushed dregs of the Gewürztraminer grape, this noble and rare spirit has the characteristic, mild and spicy aroma of the world-renowned Gewürztraminer wine from Tramin at the South Tyrolean Wine Road.

Fruit brandies

  • Williams pears, Obstler
  • Golden Delicious, Cherry
  • Plumb, Apricot

The fruit is delivered in bulk crates, in order to be able to better control their maturing stage. The crushing and grinding of the fruit occurs based on strict cleanliness criteria. Stems are removed from cherries, the kernel is removed from apricots, and the core and stems are removed from the Williams pears. What follows is the fermentation in separate fermentation containers with the use of selected yeast. After double distillation in bain-marie stills (outer material) where the spirit reaches an alcohol content of about 70% volume, it is stored for about 8 months in order to achieve the required maturity. After adding water for the perfect drinking mixture and filtration, the spirit is bottled.

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