Tips for your bike tour

Useful tips for your bike tour

  • Inform other people about your tour plans
  • Get informed about the weather conditions (risk of thunderstorms)
  • Check your equipment: Brakes, tires, gears, light
  • Rucksack or bike bag
  • Repair kit or hose, air pump, small tools
  • Complete dressing material and plasters
  • Helmet, wind and rain protection
  • Spare clothes and suitable sports shoes
  • Nutritious food, sufficient isotonic drinks
  • Nest egg
  • Emergency call 118

Environmental protection and cycling

The most beautiful thing about cycling is experiencing nature. Please support us in preserving the surrounding nature and landscapes. The few black sheep amongst mountain-bikers harm the image of all bikers!

  • Please cycle on paved roads and cycling paths only.
  • Pedestrians and hikers have absolute priority.
  • Caution: cycle slow in blind bends.
  • Plants and animals in the mountains are extra sensitive.
  • We are only guests in nature.
  • Please do not leave any rubbish behind!
  • Keep gates and fences closed.
  • Please avoid unnecessary noise taking animals into consideration. Noise means stress for animals and scares them away from their natural habitat.
  • Downhill cycling without blocked wheels. Speeding means extreme danger for everyone!
  • Finally, never over-estimate your skills or your fitness.

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