The Informative Wine Trail

From the planting of the young vine to its wine.

On this trail through the life of a grapevine, wine and nature lovers learn about many important events throughout the wine-growing season. Starting at the center of Kurtatsch, you follow the ‘Saltner Pratze’, a wooden paw, to the start of the informative wine trail. You’ll find a cluster of grapes as tall as a man, made of stones tumbled smooth by a glacier stream. The trail leads you for about 2.1 km through a hilly vineyard area where you can find almost every type of grape grown in South Tyrol, as well as individual cultivation methods, such as the pergola, which is traditional for South Tyrol, and the espalier systems.

Info signs accompany you through this nature trail and explain the features of the landscape and the characteristics of the individual grapevine varieties. From clay amphores you can sniff the typical aromas of the various wines and maybe even compete with your fellow walkers to guess which aroma and which wine is represented!

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