St. Jakob in Kastelaz

The most famous work of art in Tramin and one of the most famous throughout the region depicts the little St. Jakob’s church on a hill overlooking the village. Still in very good condition there’s a Roman fresco cycle from around the time 1220. What you might normally recognise as stony sculptures can be admired here as a colourful painting. Strange hybrids made of man and animal populate the walls of the altar room. Fish and birdmen fighting with each other, a cenotaph a figure with a dog’s head a skiapod and other fantasy figures from the middle ages clearly embody the sinful contrast to the dignified Apostles and Christ of the mandorla. But the paintings finished by Ambrosius Gander according to inscriptions from 1441 in the southern wing where amongst others the famous legendary pilgrims get told through high quality ad colourful pictures are worthy of note.

Opening hours

From Easter until the mid of November – daily from 10 am to 6 pm.
Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm in the winter months.
Admission €2

Group tours available upon request under the phone number +39 0471 860131 or +39 0471 860190.

No parking possibilities at the church. Please park at the village centre.

Interesting books about the St. Jakob church

  • The fable figures from St. Jakob in Kastelaz in Tramin by Ursula Düriegl published by Böhlau publishing Vienna (German language only)
  • St. Jakob in Kastelaz, Tramin by Verena Friedrich, published by Peda – Passau Art Publishing (German language only)


Stairways to heaven – Middle ages in the heart of the alps


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