Montiggler Seen Eppan

The Montiggl Lakes

Remnants of the Ice Age

Although the Montiggl Lakes in Eppan on the South Tyrol Wine Trail may look just like two small puddles nestling in the hills of Mitterberg they are, in fact, just slightly under 35 football fields in size. Surrounded by mixed green woodland, the small and large lakes of Montiggl narrate the tales from days when the entire Alpine area was still buried under metre-high layers of ice. As witnesses to the ice age, they are now protected and are surrounded by a hundred hectares of biotope, interwoven with countless hiking trails and a good few mountain bike trails. In the heart of the Montiggl forest, you find not only the peace that mystical places exude and the picturesque reflection of the Mendelkamm in the clear waters of the lake, but also endless action and adventure.
Leading out from Tramin along the wine trail, past Kaltern and St. Michael, the Montiggl Lakes are accessible with all forms of public transport, by bike, and even on foot, and are well-worth a trip whatever the season.

How long does it take to get to the Montiggl Lakes?
If you take the Wine Trail, the drive to the Montiggl Lakes takes just half an hour. If you’d rather save yourself the stress of driving, you should definitely take advantage of the lake & hiking shuttle bus in the summer months. You can access all timetables easily with the “südtirolmobil” – App, even when you’re out and about. Sporty-minded nature fans should pencil in a little more time to get here. Nevertheless, you can tie in all the fun of swimming in the Montiggl Lakes with a day-long foot or bike tour along the various trails and hiking paths leading out from Tramin.

When can I swim there?
As well as lakeside lidos, both lakes also offer open access around the lakes. The lido at the small Montiggl Lake is open from April to mid-October, and the lido at the large lake, which also boasts a swimming pool, is open from mid-May until early autumn.

What can I see and do?
Every season of the year, you can discover the entire area from a completely new perspective on the numerous hiking trails and a number of mountain bike trails. During the summer months, the small and large lakes of Montiggl are the favoured haunt of water and sunbathing fans, while in winter time the shimmering ice of the frozen lakes are an invitation to enjoy a spot of ice skating.
You can also head out from the Überetsch riding stables and explore Montiggl Woods and lakes on horseback

What is there in the way of culture around the lakes?
At the start of every summer, the unique venue of the quaint Seeschlössl castle on the shores of the large Montiggl Lake hosts the Eppan Humor Festival.

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