Churches in Tramin

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The churches in Tramin are visible symbols of Christian values and important art monuments along the South Tyrolean Wine Road. The Roman fresco cycle in the St. Jakob church in Kastelaz for example, is known far beyond the borders of South Tyrol. Also the parish church, the St. Valentin church, and the St. Mauritius chapel are decorated with precious, mostly Roman and Gothic frescos. Step inside and feel the calming quietness of centuries-old church naves, admire the construction art and treat yourself to a moment of inner reflection.

Pfarrkirche Tramin mit Sonnenstrahl
St. Valentin Kirche - Friedhof

Parish church of St. Julitta and St. Quirikus

The parish church is dedicated to St. Quirikus and Julitta and is a foundation of the Langobardic Count Rodengo, around 850.

The choir room …

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St. Jakob in Kastelaz

The most famous work of art in Tramin and one of the most famous throughout the region depicts the little St. Jakob’s church on a hill overlooking the village. Still in very good

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St. Valentin Church

St. Valentin cemetery church: an early gothic nave…

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Kirche Söll

Church of St. Mauritius

Left Roman nave. High altar from 1520. Left gothic side nave…

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Kirche St. Joseph in Rungg

St. Joseph’s Church

The new Roman chapel in Rungg, designed by Ferdinand Mungenast in Bozen I 1900, built in 1901, it has a two-bay, groined vault in a nave and polygonal choir stall…

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