Distilleries Roner

J.-v.-Zallinger street 44, 39040 Termeno/Tramin
Tel +39 0471 864 015, info@roner.com


Roner – the most awarded distillery in Italy. The family company was founded in 1946 by Gottfried Roner and is now managed by the third generation. The Roner distillery stands alongside the Williams product and excellent fruit distillates for high-quality grappa and exciting innovations such as gin and rum. Quality –

Taste – Tradition and Innovation have recently been awarded the “Fruit Spirit of the Year 2020” (ISW) for Caldiff Privat and numerous other gold medals in international tasting competitions. Enjoy the diversity of South Tyrol and immerse yourself in the fascination of the art of distillation! Learn more about the unique innovative pot style “Luisa”, a milestone in the art of distillation.

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