Tramin Sensual Pleasures

Behind the scenery
of wine production in South Tyrol.

26. – 28.10.2017

An event that shows how much there is to discover in Tramin.
Tramin is an enchanting and impressive wine village in the Bozen & environs region. It is the place of origin of the world-renowned Gewürztraminer vine, and home of some of the most important South Tyrolean wineries and distilleries.

Start, Thursday 26 October 2017

2017/10/27 13:10:52

What awaits me
during the Tramin Sensual Pleasures?

Look forward to a 3-day tour through wineries and distilleries in Tramin. The experienced distillery and cellar masters will answer all your questions and will unveil the secrets of the pressing and distilling processes. A great opportunity to look behind the scenes.


€ 150 per person

Information & Registration

Tourism Association Tramin
+ 39 0471 860131, info@tramin.com, Contact

Accommodation Tramin - South Tyrol

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