Gewuerztraminerfest - Gewürztraminer Weinstraße

Fri 06.07.2018

Gewürztraminer Festival

The Gewürztraminer from Tramin on the South Tyrolean Wine Road is amongst the best Gewürztraminers worldwide. This is confirmed to us time and again by foreign wine experts during international trade events.  And so it is for this reason that this year we will dedicate this aromatic delight to a special festival: The Gewürztraminer Wine Road!

In the historical village centre of Tramin various wineries as well as wine-growing estates along the South Tyrolean Wine road offer their Gewürztraminer. And we are delighted to be able to welcome some guest wineries from Trentino also this year. Summery dishes are served and lively live music with Karl Hanspeter is played too. Colourful shenanigans all about the topic of Gewürztraminer wine.

All wine connoisseurs, wine lovers and friends of this noble drop are invited to concelebrate! Don’t miss out on this highlight from 7 pm!

Participating wineries 2017

  • Hofkellerei Willi & Gerlinde Walch (Tramin)
  • Kellerei Tramin (Tramin)
  • Kellerei Wilhelm Walch (Tramin)
  • Weingut A. von Elzenbaum (Tramin)
  • Weingut J. Hofstätter (Tramin)
  • Drauhof (Tramin)
  • Gummererhof (Tramin)
  • Rynnhof (Tramin)
  • Plattenhof (Tramin)
  • Kellerei Bozen (Bozen)
  • Kellerei Schreckbichl (Eppan)
  • Kellerei Kaltern (Kaltern)
  • Weingut Ritterhof (Kaltern)
  • Weingut Baron di Pauli (Kaltern)
  • Seeperle (Kaltern)
  • Kellerei Kurtatsch (Kurtatsch)
  • Weinhof Kobler (Margreid)
  • Weingut Castelfeder (Kurtinig)
  • Weingut Laimburg (Pfatten)
  • Eisacktaler Kellerei (Eisacktal)
  • Azienda Agricola Sandri Arcangelo (Provincia di Trento)
  • Madonna delle Vittorie (Provincia di Trento)
  • Societá Agricola Bruno Grigolli (Provincia di Trento)

Participating distilleries 2017:

  • Roner AG distillery
  • Private distillery Plonhof

Free bus shuttle from 7.30 pm from Kaltern, St. Josef am See and Kurtatsch from 7 pm (it’s possible to come before this with the scheduled bus / citybus to Tramin).


Accommodation Tramin - South Tyrol

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