Wine & Gourmet

A long time ago, the French term 'gourmet' found its place in the German language. Incorrectly? Not really. In the end, the French know how to enjoy life. And gourmets can also be found amongst ourselves..

Mixing Tyrolean dishes with Italian cuisine is one of the most beautiful characteristics of the South Tyrolean lifestyle - and completed by a glass of first-class wine. This is where good wine comes from.

Vineyards as far as the eye can see: in the valleys, on slopes, on sunny hills. For centuries, the vines draw their strength from this soil. The vineyards shape the scenery, and more so the people who live here: they are warm-hearted, easy to talk to and relaxed. They work hard but still don't forget how to enjoy life.

Unremitting, the ancient wheel turns and turns. The scenery rubs off on the people and they, in turn, look after nature. Because top wines do not only need care, but also love. Year after year.

Goldener Löwe Cafe - Imbiss - Bar Market Place, 2 tel. +39 0471 860140   Cafè Weis Cafe - Ice Creme - SnackbarWine Road, 27 tel. +39 0471
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